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Finding The Right Vehicle

With the SmartRide App, you can choose the type of vehicle that suits you best, either a Tuk-tuk, Classic Taxi or a Modern Taxi.

* The SmartRide app can be downloaded for FREE
Simply Get Transport Reliably

Find the nearest driver for FREE: SmartRide uses your Smartphone’s internet connection to locate drivers who are nearby to your location.

In App Calling

After finding the right driver and vehicle, you can use your internet data to call the driver to discuss your trip. This makes calling very cheap because you don’t have to worry about calling on a different mobile network.

Build Confidence On Your Trips

Because our drivers will charges for your rides are calculated by the SmartRide App using Google Map’s GPS system, This means that you will never be overcharged for your rides. Drivers will charge according to the price that is calculated by the SmartRide app so they are not able to cheat or lie.

Keep Your Transportation History

We keep all of the history of your trips. You can view the history of your previous trips and request a ride to any of your previous destinations.


Request A Ride

Passengers can quickly book a ride of their choice ina few taps.

Quick Destination Set

Passengers can set destination quickly by hold finger on the map.

Fare Estimates

Passengers can get approximate fares by providing their destination.

Real Time ETA

Passengers will get accurate arrival times of their cabs.

Real Time Tracking Driver

Passengers can view their cab arriving or traveling on a map in real time.

Rewards Point

Passagner can collect SmartRide points for freebees.

Trip History

Passagner can view all their past and upcoming trips in one place.

Rate Driver

Passagner can rate their ride experience and provide feedback.

And Much More

We have much more
features that will make you more easy

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